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You should play devil's advocate. Its a shame more people don't. To explain the intracellular magnesium you could look at e-medicine hypomagnesemia. Also you can look up magnesium and Dr. Mildred Seelig,her book "the magnesium factor" is very informative. She is was the world's leading magnesium specialist. One place that she suggested have the magnesium test done is Intracellular Diagnostics. They explain it more there. The problem is that less than 1 percent of the total magnesium in the body is found in the blood. The rest is intracellular. The blood will do everything in its power to maintain itself, including stealing magnesium from the rest of the body. This is way a serum test doesn't show much. If you are low in serum magnesium, then your body is REALLY low. Pre-eclampsia (?) is caused by low magnesium. The results (at Intracellular) will tell you exactly whats going on. Your doctor really doesn't have to interpret it. The same is true with Spectracell. (its a very informative test) They also include types of treament that can increase low values. You doctor can put you on thyroid medication to see if that helps. (if you have clinical hypothyroidism). If it doesn't help, there is no harm done. Some doctors say you can't go off of it, but that is not true. I don't understand the question if you are already taking magnesium??/ But it won't matter....They grow the cells in a lab at spectracell....They give it everything it needs, except the one they are testing for. If it doesn't grow, then they know you cells are lacking in that intracellular nutrient. There are charts and graphs, and values on the results. The results are app. 15 pages long. It is not just a few numbers, but very informative. Even if you didn't know anything about nutrients of lack of them, the tests results explain everything in detail. I know they sent us a sample before mother had the test done. They also sent everything for the test...vials, explicit directions for the lab, and prepaid airborne packaging and explicit directions on how to return. You doctor can call one of the doctors there if he has any questions. For that matter so can you. You have to be very careful with taking iron as it can build up in the body. You
re monitoring should take care of that. If you labs come back abnormal just get back on here.. If you M.D. is really open he will be intrigued with the intracellular tests. One of mother's doctors had never heard of them.. now he uses them all the time, and he was shocked at how many people were low in magnesium....(just like Dr. Seelig said) As she said also, maybe people are said to die of heart failure. The real fact is many of them just simply ran out of magnesium.

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