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Hi This is my first time on this board, but I was interested in what everyone posted.

I am a 53 yr old female, with many health problems. Heart problems in my family on BOTH sides. Most deaths due to heart disease. I tend to keep a watch on BP #'s and cholesterol. I eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep. My BP runs around 110/68. Last cholesterol test. HDL(healthy) 111. LDL (bad) 40.

My Dr. was amazed with my #'s. She actually said that she has patients taking 3 statins and can't get even close to the numbers that I have. She said that any HDL OVER 100 is considered in, "Protective Mode of the heart" Meaning EXCELLENT Numbers, and the higher the HDL the better. And the lower the LDL the better.

So now I am totally confused.....:dizzy: :eek: :confused:

So now what????


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