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[QUOTE=marinewife12;2994328]Has anyone taken Niacin for high cholesterol? It's not a medication, it's a perscription vitamin (which sounds weird).

My husband and I are trying to conceive, so my Dr. didn't want to put me on cholesterol meds, because obviously that is counterproductive. So he put me on this vitamin, as the books say you can safely conceive while taking it. It's not supposed to lower cholesterol very much, but it helps make a dent in the problem.

The worst part about this vitamin is that it causes flushing. In other words, my whole body (not just my face) turns bright red and starts tingling and I get overheated. I take the pill with supper, so it's not because of an empty stomach. But the flushing doesn't start until about 3 or 4am. It actually wakes me up, is very painful and sends me into a bit of a hysterical fit trying to cool myself down.

I was given Naispan ( prec. Niacin ) told to take it in at bed

Eventually it subsides, after about an hour. This is after covering myself with cool washclothes or jump in the bathtub full of cool water. But I still am somewhat overheated throughout the day, with a slight fever and constantly wanting to just sit in ice. But that hour at night where it's the most painful is the part I'm most concerned about.

Has anyone taken this vitamin? And if so, was there any way that you found to combat the flushing problem? I already take the pill on a full stomach, and I take it at night. But it's still so bad that it actually wakes me up.[/QUOTE]

I was given Naispan ( presc. Niacin ) told to take it in at bed time but am on a trial of Zetia. However I have read that taking aspirin can help with the flushing. There is also a Frush Free Niiacin that can be purchased on line or over the counter at many stores. You can take the same amount of Mg's that equal your prescription. That may work better for you.

I have taken Flush Free with no adverse FLUSH effects.

Better luck in getting pregnant.
I'd try prescription Niaspan and see how that works for you before you disregard niacin altogether. I'm taking 3000 mg of Niaspan (niacin) a day without any ill side effects.

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