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Lenin and NHone, thank you for your replies. We are still leaning toward the Zocor as being the culprit. Four years ago he was put on either Crestor or lipitor and had the same shoulder pain. He went off it because the pain was just too bothersome, as soon as he stopped the meds the pain went away. I ******d zocor/pain and had quite a wealth of information come up, quite a few people are reporting the muscle pain, so I believe there is something to it. Hubby is diabetic and also has pad, he had 2 stents put in one leg, and one in the other, in addition to the 1 in his heart. This was all in February when he had the 2nd heart attack. The cath showed everything else in his heart was fine. He went back in last Friday and had an abi test run on his legs, and everyhing was excellent with the blood flow, the Dr. told him that alot of times you can only hear one pulse in the leg, and they heard 3 in his. She is very happy with that aspect. He is alot more health conscious now, finally off of cigarettes for 3 months now, I think he finally had the crap scared out of him! He now walks 3 miles several days a week, he also is better at watching what he eats. His ejection fraction in the heart is 60%. He takes simivistin, metropolol,lisinopril.clopidogrel,aspirin, and chantix daily. I'm not sure why he takes the lisinopril, as his blood pressure has always been excellent. Just not sure what to do about the shoulder/neck/arm pain, he even said his one leg was so stiff a week ago that he could hardly walk. We realize he needs to keep his cholesterol low, but how csan he live with the pain, he sid it is really bothresome. It goes away at night, and while he is operating his machine at work it starts back up. I am going to wally world tomorrow, will try the coq 10 and fish oil, will also talk to the pharmacist and see what his take is on it. Again, thanks for the replies.

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