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Alcohol can be a funny thing. I know for myself, that alcohol dramatically raises by triglycerides, and hence, my total-C. And I know this will not be true for everyone. Candy and sugar seems to have the same effect on me.

Niaspin vs. Slo release niacin... I don't think they are the same. I am quite pleased with the Niaspan. And it's a natual solution too. Any niacin your body doesn't use gets pee'd out as it's a water soluble vitamin. You still need to have your liver checked due to the high doses you are taking. And Niaspan did lower my LDL. For the first time in 15 years, my LDL is in the normal range.

And you will never catch me taking another statin again... very nasty stuff. It's kind of funny that I was taking Baychol and decided to stop taking it on day due to the adverse side effects... and then two weeks later they recalled Baychol as it was killing folks... disolving their heart muscles. While this effect was exagerated for Baychol, I can't help but think the current statins on the market could have the same effect, long term.

Try the Niaspan... start out slow.

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