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[QUOTE=hotdam;3037328]...the LDL is the one I need to lower which I am working on with Slo niacin...


If you can handle the Slo-niacin, then I would ask your Doctor to prescribe Niaspan... a slow release prescription niacin you take at bedtime. It reduced my LDL from 222 to 112 in a little over a year... something a statin could never achieve for me... and I've tried plenty of statin brands over the years.

I like niacin becasue it's a natual solution.
he told me to take the slo niacin at night and 3 fish oil capsules all together before bedtime. Is Niaspan a prescription?
Yes, Niaspan is prescription. I highly recommend Niaspan. Flushing and side effects are almost nil. I didn't like the over the counter (OTC) niacin at all. Probably why most people hate niacin... the OTC niacin flushing can be extremely unbareable. It was for me. I didn't last more than a week on it.

Niaspan is a different story... very little flushing when taken at bedtime.

And well... my cholesterol numbers speak for themselves. :)

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