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That's a tough one. Of course the USUAL casues of yellow nails are smoking or fungus infection but these creep up slowly and over a long time.
My first thought is yellowing UNDER the nails that might be a hepatitis/liver problem...he should have a liver panel blood test run. Either niacin or simvastatin can cause his liver to shut down and cause jaundice. His EYES would also show the yellow and his urine would turn coffee dark. With clear eyes and light urine, you can rule out liverr damage/jaundice as a cause.

Medline (U.S. government) shows a picture and mentions lung disorders, lymphedema and detatching nails. Click on the the two "yellow nail" images:

It probably isn't actually the nails turning color or it would have been apparent as they grew in yellow from bottom to top...more likely the nail BED.

You can try stopping one drug or the other and observe symptoms for a month.

Like I said, it's a tough one...and so is shoulder pain.

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