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I've just gotten my latest blood test results - and my numbers were as follows:

TC 149
LDL 93
HDL 35
Tri 105

As a comparison, a few years back after I went off statins, my numbers were:

TC 284
HDL 38
Tri 435
LDL couldn't be calculated

I've never had triglyceride levels this low - and I don't just think it's the medication - since statins don't really work well on triglycerides anyhow.

As some of you long-time posters know, I very reluctantly went back on statins about 8 months ago. Started with 5mg Crestor, then switched to 10mg Lipitor a few weeks back. Both are relatively low doses. I am not by any means a statin cheer-leader.

I have to think that my change in eating habits was mostly responsible for the good triglyceride results. What I've done is gone on a moderate carbohydrate, moderate protein, low fat diet - and reduced portion sizes. I drink a lot more water - so I don't really feel all that hungry.

I've cut way back on white bread, pasta, rice, sugar. The carbs I eat are high in fiber and low in glycemic index (green veggies, steel-cut oats). I've come to really like zuccinni or winter squash with chopped onion, sauted in just a little olive oil .

I've reduced my beer intake quite a bit also - and switched to low-carb brands. I don't drink daily as I used to (was having 2-3 beers a day). Nowadays I really only drink when I go out with friends - about once a week - once every 10 days... - and I do have 3 beers during these outings - but then usually go a week without anything else.

I've also reduced my fat intake considerably. Stopped using butter and margarine. I've gotten used to eating my veggies with a little vinegar and pepper - I loved cooked chopped-spinach that way! Got used to having only cinnamon on my oatmeal - and eat only steel-cut oats. I have about 6 ounces of lean meat daily.

One more important thing. I have 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day now - 2-3 hours apart, and always start with something for breakfast. I used to always skip breakfast, have a moderate lunch, and then eat most of my calories for dinner and late-night snacks.

I still jog - but not as much as a few years back. Once knee is starting to bother me. I only do about 6-8 miles/week nowadays. I do walk more than before though.

Just thought I'd post to let folks know that diet can make a big difference. Especially limiting refined carbs and fats.


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