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I dispute the nurse's assertion that chemotherapy won't mangle your blood lipid you know what agents they are using. Is there any chance you have some old numbers before they uncovered the cancer?


Have you ever known anyone undergoing chemotherapy for cancer? I think EXTREME fatigue is more the rule than the exception.[/QUOTE]
Lenin...these are from 6/6/2006:
Chol: 272
Trig: 215
HDL: 42
LDL: 187
And from 12/18/06:
Chol: 277
Trig: 157
Hdl: 46
Ldl: 200

Breast Cancer was diagnosed on 12/29/06. I was on vytorin (diarrhea) until 12/18/06 changed to lipitor 20mg.

I finally got to see him today and told him I stopped all lipitor due to muscle aches. So now he wants me to try Crestor 10mg once a day.

Also, my last chemo dose was 7/19/07 and first regimen was Adriamycin and Cytoxan every 3 weeks for 4 doses then Taxol every week for 12 doses. And thanks for saying so.....chemo is TOXIC, causes extreme fatigue not to mention a host of other awful side effects.

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