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I tried niacin for 10 years in every conceivable dosing schedule...I even started with 25 mg. and upping 25 every 2 weeks...when I got to 100 mg, I could no longer bear the flush. I even stayed at 75 mg./day for several MONTHS before retrying 100 mg...same flush!

My FIRST dose was 500mg. and I though I was going to DIE. I turned a vivid purple from my navel to my hairline. I couldn't TOUCH my face without pain.

Last week I even flushed painfully at 3 AM kept awake for an hour, 4 hours after my slo-release formultion of 500 mg. at 11PM with 625 mg. aspirin...but I think my stomach was empty.

Yep, I tried niacin, and tried, and tried,:dizzy: :dizzy: and TRIED.
I WISH I could take more becasue I have a strong tendency to low HDL's but I just I must settle for the teeny HDL rise to above 40.00001! :D

[QUOTE]Do you think I need to take a B-complex...?[/QUOTE]
There is a school of thought that several components of the vitamin B complex tend to excreted together and that megadosing with ONE of them can cause an overexcretion of the others. Yes, I think a Vitamin-B supplement will protect you against this. I'm not quite sure I subscribe to the theory but it might be worth considering.

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