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how often do people get cholesterol checked? my husband gets his done once a year, and the number is ALWAYS different. it's usually high, but not scary high. we generally eat a pretty well balanced diet (we eat out a couple of times a month), and we try to get out and exercise on a regular basis. a year or so ago, his doctor threatened to put my husband on statins if his levels didn't go down, we were traveling a lot from that time until his next test, and who eats well when they're traveling??? so for three days before his next test, my husband ate healthy cholesterol lowering foods, drank tons of water, and exercised for half an hour on each of those three days. his levels on that test were in the low-normal range. his doctor said it was a fluke and to come back in three more months for another test. my husband did the same thing again for three days before the cholesterol test, and again came up with low-normal numbers. we figured maybe he'd just gotten it under control, and so didn't worry about it anymore. then at his last cholesterol test, his numbers were high again, and what a coincidence! he hadn't done the three days of eating perfectly, drinking tons of water, or exercising. we asked his doctor about it and his doctor said it has nothing to do with it because my husband had fasted for 12 hours before the cholesterol test, and so it didn't matter what he'd done up until then. i don't get it.

so i'm wondering how often people get checked and how accurate are the numbers??? do the results really reflect the average levels of cholesterol in our bodies, or just what we've done to ourselves in the few days prior to the cholesterol test???

do my questions actually make sense here? my concern isn't actually for my husband, it's for my father. he's got stage iv melanoma, and high cholesterol, and had been on lipitor for a few years to keep it under control. we decided to take him off the lipitor because he'd been having side effects that matched lipitor's and he has enough issues right now! BUT as potential heart disease is also an issue (heart problems run in his family), i'm trying to figure out where cholesterol levels really fit into the equation? any input would be greatly appreciated! :)

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