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Extremely High LDL
Jul 24, 2007
Hi -

I just go my latest test results as follows:

Total cholesterol = 299
HDL 59 (59 in 3/07, 59 in 10/06, 50 in 5/06)
triglycerides = 78 (55 in 3/07, 74 in 10/06, 64 in 5/06)
LDL = 224.4 (155 in 3/07, 157 in 10/06, 133 in 5/06)

This test was not fasting and I ate a bunch of walnuts and pistachios about 1-2 hours before the test. The 3/07 test was fasting, the 10/06 test was not fasting and had a pear 1-2 hours before test. The 5/06 was fasting. I'm shocked that my numbers have gone up so incredibly high since March. I'm 47years old and in perimenopause. I was diagnosed with Impaired Glucose Tolerance in June of 2006. My A1c was 5.4 last June; March of 2007 A1c was 5.7; this test just done my A1c was 5.4 again. I totally modified my diet. Took out all the bad carbs like bread, pasta, muffins, etc., for the most part. I did increase my egg consumption but cut back again this past March after 5.7 A1c. I've been on an exercise program and I'm not overweight. The doctor feels it must be heridetary. The doc. wants to put me on Vytorin. I asked if he would do a LipoProfile to see if they are the small or large particles and he hasn't responded back to the fax I sent to him requesting this yesterday. I don't want to go on statins - they frighten me. I'd like to try niacin, Omega 3 and Cod Liver Oil. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't understand how my LDL went up almost 100 pts in 14 months. How is this possible?????


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