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[QUOTE=hotdam;3121938]I have been taking the Slo-Niacin for 2 months now, increased to 2000mg a day, I have heard allot about niaspan, exactly what is the difference? Also I have been sweating like crazy at night since I take 2 pills in the morning and 2 before bed is this a side effect?[/QUOTE]

Personally I think the only differences between SLO-NIACIN and NIASPAN are semantics and price. They are perfectly equivalent except one is by Rx and the other is over the counter.

Slow-acting, extended release, sustained release, time release, long acting, and XL all mean the same in my book...distinctions without difference. Abbott Pharma has never made a convincing argument why NIASPAN's timed release is any different from the others...just that it is a way to take NIACIN with slower absorption and thus less chance of flushing.

I think SLO-NIACIN (by Upsher Smith) is equivalent in every way to NIASPAN and is a lot cheaper. It gave me very good HDL results until I switched to something far cheaper still. I take 500 mg./day.

For those with no concerns about money, NIASPAN remains an excellent product. :D

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