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I don't know. I would think the only thing you would have to be concerned about is the flushing 1000 mg of Slo-release may give you. I don't get flushing from 3000 mg of Niaspan... but I somehow feel this would not be true for any other form of niacin.

I only take Niaspan extended release. I have insurance, so it only costs me $50 for a 90 day supply (270 -- 1000 mg tabs). But I would gladly pay the $1000 or so a year it would cost without insurance as I have nearly zero side effects from Niaspan, and I have achieved far superior results from Niaspan that I ever have with statins, or any other cholesterol meds or diet modifications.

I have been dealing with High Cholesterol for 16 years... and I would not consider an over the counter solution to save money when Niaspan has proved so successful. :)

You may want to rethink what "discount pharmacy" you purchase from... sounds like they charge you full retail.

[[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]] I've seen "discount pharmacies" price them at $1 to 1.25 for a 1000 mg tab. Even Costco sells 100 tabs of 1000 mg of Niaspan for $207.54, and that is retail.

Yikes... no wonder the price freaks you out... :eek: at $3.69 each, I would be freaked too. Time to shop around for a better discount pharmacy... ;)

So Yes... as I stated, I would be willing to pay around $1000 a year ($1095 to $1369) for 3000 mg of Niaspan a day. Most folks only take 2000 mg a day, so it would cost 1/3rd less for them.

It's a Fair price for great results.

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