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Try it only at night... before bed. I received much better lipid results by only taking it at bedtime... and never had hot flashes while awake.
I take 3000 mg Niaspan right before bed every night. Never had an issue doing this, and my lipids improved over taking half in the morning, and half in the evening.

My understanding is that your liver produces the majority of your body's cholesterol at night during your sleep cycle. So, taking niacin at night effects this cholesterol production the best.
You take Niaspan I am taking the Slo-Niacin would it make a difference if I took the 1000 mg at night instead of twice a day?
How is Niaspan different from Flush Niacin. Is it just than it is time-released?


Niaspan is Extended Release niacin.

Niacin Types:

Immediate-release, Slow-release, and Extended-release niacin.

[LIST]Immediate-release niacin causes the most flushing[/list]
[LIST]Slow-release niacin is at higher risk of liver problems than other types of niacin. In particular, liver failure and hepatitis[/list]
[LIST]Extended-release niacin: Can slightly increase blood sugar levels. Bothers women more than men at doses higher than 2grams.[/list]

I've read that Niacin:

[LIST]Can reduce the chance of heart attack in men. [/list]
[LIST]Can lower LDL and triglycerides 15% to 35%... women have better results then men at lowering LDL.[/list]
[LIST]Can increase HDL 20% to 30%.[/list]
[LIST]Should not be switched between the different types of niacin without consulting your Doctor as severe liver problems can occur.[/list]

It appears that flushing is the biggest issue with taking niacin. I have read that taking a small dose of asprin ( 80 mg ) with the niacin can help with this.

For most folks, 2000 mg is the maximum dose. Amounts above that can increase side effects, such as liver issues and blood sugar issues. I take 3000 mg a day of Niaspan (Extended release) without any side effects, liver issues, or blood sugar issues... so I'm happy about that.

You start out slowly on niacin... only increasing the dose every 4 weeks.

Because niacin can cause liver problems, you need to keep your Doctor informed so he can have your liver checked.

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