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Peny, :)

[QUOTE]I have not had an egg in years and get red meat maybe once a month... everything is low-fat and low cholesterol to the point of being little more than cardboard... yet my numbers are still extremely ugly no matter what I do.[/QUOTE]

As you know, culture and genes play a key role in cholesterol production in our livers. Some people are genetically pre-disposed to manufature a lot of cholesterol. When that is the case, the [U]dietary cholesterol intake is of little or no consequence[/U]. Others find that their metabolic reactions are not functioning properly, because they are ill or aging. This will also cause a cholesterol buildup over time. Some people are lucky and can eat anything they want and their cholesterol levels are near perfect. Their livers adjust the cholesterol production to balance out the consumption of high cholesterol foods. Most of us, though, have to watch our dietary intake of high cholesterol foods so as not to make bad things worse. Your diet leaves little, if any, room for improvement. Grains, veggies and limited animal proteins are the essential parts of a diet low in cholesterol.

The only product I can think of that may be suitable for you (or not) is the red yeast rice. Do a search of this board - you'll find many posts on the subject. See for yourself. I can't remember how/if it affects the liver.

Good luck!

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