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Plant Sterols and Stanols...primarily beta-sitosterol.
Think of Bencol Margerine and Minute Maid HEALTHY HEART OJ.
These substances work (at 2 grams a day) but not nearly so well as statins.
But they are worth a effect on the liver.

Does you DOCTOR believe that your liver problem countermands your use of statins?[/QUOTE]

My Dr has said nothing, but I get hard copies of all my labwork and my AST/SGOT and ALT/SGPT have both taken a dramtic rise since he put me on Zocor (SGOT went up 187 points and SGPT went up 129 points) for a 12 point difference in cholesterol in just 3 months time. When I took Lipitor in the past with a previous Dr she stopped me taking it with only a 70 point increase saying "what good is lower cholesterol if you end up needing a new liver?"

My current Dr is my soon to be old Dr because he has told me to my face that tests came back normal, and when I got my copies the lab report stated differently. (He told me my throid was fine, when my TSH was 0.12... reference range 0.35-5.50, and only 'noticed' it when I pointed it out and asked, starting me on synthroid)

I drink the OJ already, but will try out the margerine and look into the red yeast rice... heck, I even contemplated going on a strict Cheerios diet...

Here are my latest tests-

Cholesterol Total 318 (0-200)
Triglicerides 283 (0-150)
HDL Cholesterol 34 (40-60)
LDL Calculated 227.4 (1-100)
VLDL Calculated 56.6
Chol/HDL Ratio 9.4 (0-5.0)

(Ugly, huh?)
[QUOTE]Cholesterol Total 318 (0-200)
Triglicerides 283 (0-150)
HDL Cholesterol 34 (40-60)
LDL Calculated 227.4 (1-100)
VLDL Calculated 56.6
Chol/HDL Ratio 9.4 (0-5.0)

(Ugly, huh?)[/QUOTE]

That's a gotta do something or you will have a heart attack.

Will your insurance company swallow a consult with an expert hepatologist to make SURE that you should not take a statin.

If the liver guy agrees the risk of liver disease is more significant than the serious risk of heart disease maybe you can try the last resort: the Ornish Vegan Diet with 10% fat, no meat and almost no SATURATED fat.:(

Anyhoo, remember that RYR is a statin too.

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