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I started the Ornish diet about 1 1/2 months ago. The only modification I applied was not eating as many whole grains (eating a lot of veggies and fruits), and I have eaten avocados and all natural peanut butter. I am exercising about 25 mins a day (slowly building up to 1hour) 7 days a week, I have quit smoking, I don't drink, I am more active generally. My old numbers were HDL 29 LDL 110 new numbers (2 months later) HDL 30 LDL 131.

My question is why the increase in LDL when I have cut out all "bad" fats except the avocados and peanut butter?

She said my liver enzymes were still elevated (beacuse of fatty liver) but she has decided to put me on 10mg of Lipitor. I am assuming my cholesterol is high because of my fatty liver, my gallstones I have, and genetics (mom and dad had high cholesterol, grandma passed from hardening of arteries). Because it can't be my diet and I am exercising MORE than I did before. Meh.......
[QUOTE=LovelyOne;3157887] ... My old numbers were HDL 29 LDL 110 new numbers (2 months later) HDL 30 LDL 131.

My question is why the increase in LDL when I have cut out all "bad" fats except the avocados and peanut butter? ....[/QUOTE]

There are lots of different opinions on this, but IMHO Ornish got it all wrong. The only bad fat is trans fat. And depriving your self of adequate fat screws up the lipid profile. All those carbs you replace the fat with increases triglycerides. And HDL comes down.

LDL of 131 really isn't that high. It has been found that the optimal level of LDL from a longevity perspective is 80-160. Your LDL of 131 is comfortably within that range. And it may have gone up simply because your body needs more of it to function properly. Your HDL of 30 is way too low, however, probably because you eat so little saturated fat. Eggs are a very healthy superfood. And, as you are very active, are you getting enough protein?

Mark ;)
[QUOTE]and I have eaten avocados and all natural peanut butter.[/QUOTE]

That could be the Achille's Heel difference between your diet and Ornish's.
Remember, a key component of Ornish is it is a <10% fat calories diet. Whether the fats in avocado and peanut butter are good, bad, or indifferent there really is no place for them in the Ornish Diet, those two foods just have WAY too much fat to qualify.
An ounce of peanut butter is 16.1 grams of fat = 145 calories...that's about the entire fat quota for a person on the Ornish Diet. And WHO can stop at an ounce.
A California avocado is another 21 grams of fat.
A cup of soymilk adds another 5 grams.

Although Ornish puts a ZERO liimit on animal fats, the limit on vegetable fats is ALSO more stringent than any other diet...but that's probably why the diet gets such good results.

Thank god for statins becasue I could never live with the Ornish Diet.
We need fat and it is bad and wrong to deprive our bodies of it. Avocados, for instance, has lots of healthy fats which is good, so why not eat them? Animal fat has also a lot of good nutrients. For many people, me included, statins does not agree. Many people have suffered liver problems, loss of muscle etc.I feel so much better now when I have stopped taking statins and gone back to a more relaxed diet of animal fat and vegetables. I stay well clear of high carbs, margarines and transfats etc. and as I said before my HDL has risen a great deal.Everything in moderation.
I know that the Ornish diet is definately against eating avocados/pb and olive oil but I added them in to raise my HDL.

I can certainly try the Ornish diet as it's meant to be, but I forsee my HDL dropping more (which I DEF don't need) and my LDL lowering slightly...

I am just bummed that nothing so far has worked.

I've read on these boards countless times of slow flushing niacin (don't think I can take because of my fatty liver and gallbladder), drinking wine (can't because of liver), and statins (rather not take because of the horrible side effects ive heard), and I can't do any of those except take the statin in hopes I won't get the bad side effects.

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