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In my opinion, Your problem is getting a higher HDL, your LDL isn't bad at all, my LDL is 150, but my HDL is 67. Of course the doc wanted to give me Lipitor for my LDL number but I refused it, when I pointed out my HDL/TC ratio was well under the guidelines, he said "oh yeah, you're right, I don't think he even looked at the ratio. My LDL might be a risk factor in itself, but I'll take my chances, I don' have any other risk factirs for heart disease right now, my blood pressure is normal to low.

I raised my HDL by 17 points and lowered my LDL by 50 points by changing my diet, I eat about 1/4 cup of walnuts/almonds daily, use olive oil, almond milk, drink red wine, eat grapes. I also take plant stereols and Policosonal (an HDL raiser). The fats you are staying away from are HDL raisers. Another thing you can do is switch to oat bran cereal (hot or cold) instead of eaing oatmeal. I read that oatmeal doesn't contain enough beta-glucan in it to lower LDL sufficiently, like oat bran does.

Did you know that the statin drugs like Lipitor deposit cholesterol in your gall bladder? The statins don't carry it out of your body like eating fiber does. Since you have that problem already, maybe you should discuss that side effect with your doctor.

My Mom has been on 40 mgs. of Lipitor for 2 years and her HDL is still the same at 30, but it lowered her LDL. If Lipitor doesn't raise your HDL, maybe it's not worth the risk of side effects for you.

Good Luck!

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