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[QUOTE]and I have eaten avocados and all natural peanut butter.[/QUOTE]

That could be the Achille's Heel difference between your diet and Ornish's.
Remember, a key component of Ornish is it is a <10% fat calories diet. Whether the fats in avocado and peanut butter are good, bad, or indifferent there really is no place for them in the Ornish Diet, those two foods just have WAY too much fat to qualify.
An ounce of peanut butter is 16.1 grams of fat = 145 calories...that's about the entire fat quota for a person on the Ornish Diet. And WHO can stop at an ounce.
A California avocado is another 21 grams of fat.
A cup of soymilk adds another 5 grams.

Although Ornish puts a ZERO liimit on animal fats, the limit on vegetable fats is ALSO more stringent than any other diet...but that's probably why the diet gets such good results.

Thank god for statins becasue I could never live with the Ornish Diet.

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