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Hi Flower and Lovely,

Thanks for your responses to my post which made me feel better. Mom will never admit her doc made a mistake with Dad, even though the oncologist told her my father should have had chemo after his colon surgery, and she will never admit I might have saved her life by demanding the cardiologist give her a stress test. That's how her atrial fib was found, and she has been medicated for it ever since. I had so many arguments with her to change doctors that I was getting sick over it, so I stopped mentioning it, but I do tell her about articles I read that pertain to her conditions. I told her to ask her doctor for a c-reactive protein test, and he tells her she doesn't need it.
She said, "if you don't give it to me, my daughter will never let me back in our house, so he relented and he gave her the test.

I went to an AARP luncheon for volunteers and most of the volunteers wanted to be patient advocates because their senior parents were treated so badly by their doctors!

Anyway, I worked hard on changing my diet, because my LDL was 190 and my total was 300 and the cardiologist gave me Lipitor. It was a wake-up call for me, I didn't want to take it, so I consulted a nutritionist at a vitamin store regarding alternatives. I was surprised that my HDL went up 17 points to 67, that's why my ratio is good, my LDL is 150 from my last reading about a year ago. About six months after I started the diet and supplements I went to a supermarket test for cholesterol and I tested at 176 for total cholesterol, but I haven't been as strict with my diet, I eat chocolate, ice cream, and other sweets more than I did when I first modified my diet, that's why I think my LDL is 150. I did read that cholesterol readings should be taken more often than once a year to get an average reading, like blood pressure, but insurance won't pay for it. I did have my own moniter, but the company went out of business so there are no test strips available for the machine.

I read that most women in their 50's have total cholesterol of 250, that's what mine is. If I eat a meal with fat, like a piece of meat, I take a plant sterol pill to block the fat. At night I take two Policosonal pills, it's natural sugar cane, it blocks cholesterol production, thins the blood like baby aspirin,
and raises HDL. I don't know if my diet, the supplements, or both gave me the good HDL result, but I am going to keep up the same protocol since it's working. My neighbor has been using Policosanol for years and his total cholesterol is 172 amd he's 76 yrs. old.

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