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[QUOTE=Arizona77;3176585]I know that Niacin is very effective in raising HDL levels. However, I was wondering how effective is Niacin at lowering LDL and TRIG levels? Has anyone had great success with Niacin lowering their LDL and TRIG as well? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. :)[/QUOTE]

I can say from my personal experience that an underactive thyroid causes your LDL to go up and your HDL to go down. Just search thyroid cholesterol. If your body temperature is below 98 and have cold hands and feet, you can probably lower your LDL and raise your HDL by taking a thyroid hormone. I use Nutri-meds thyroid which you can get without a prescription whenever my thyroid is not working well which you can find out by checking your body temperature and I notice the effect on my cholesterol level. But I don't worry anymore about my cholesterol as long as it not higher than 300. I don't think there is proof that high cholesterol causes heart disease. And I think worrying about cholesterol or anything else is not that healthy either. Just my opinion and that of some MDs who feel the same way and have written books about it.

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