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Right now my HDL is at 42 as my test three weeks ago. I know that it needs to be above 40 but I am really focusing right now to increase it. I eat very healthy and I do cardio 30mins 4X week. Here also is a list of what I currently take for supplements.

Red Yeast Rice 1,200mg X2 day
Omega 3 Fish Oil 1,000mg X6 day
Lecithin 1,200mg X6 day
Aged Garlic Extract 1,200mg X2 day
COQ10 100mg X2 day
Magnesium 200mg X2 day
Green Tea Extract 1,000mg daily
Grape Seed Extract 100mg X2 day

LOL I know I take a lot:D

I upped my fish oil to 6 a day from 4 as well as the lecithin ever since my test. I have some more posts but I was wondering what you may suggest to help boost my HDL? This past week I dropped the RYR and did Niacin 500mg immediate release and it made it very intolerable. However, I tried 500mg time released before bed and had no major issues. My concern is that I have heard that time released Niacin could be extremely bad for ones liver. I see my Doctor in two weeks. I am most reasonably certain that he will not prescribe Niaspan for me. Any comments or suggestions would most be greatly appreciated. Also has anyone had any success with sugar cane policsonal and or pantethine raising their HDL levels?

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