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Re: Niaspan ?
Sep 13, 2007
You're taking SLO Niacin... and I can't speak to how well that works or how well any other form of niacin works other than Niaspan, other than what I have read. Slo-niacin has a history of hurting livers... and fast acting niacin is intollerable for most folks. I don't buy that Slo niacin and Niaspan work the same.

If you have insurance, I would try Niaspan. Even if I didn't have insurance, I would try Niaspan. In fact I would gladly pay the $3 a day out of my own pocket for Niaspan if that meant I did not have to take statins.

I would definitely think about switching to Niaspan if you can afford it. I don't have a personal vendetta against the FDA, and I don't trust all the hearsay of folks who are trying "natural" remedies for what ever reason... so I prefer prescription medication if available.

And if you do tri Niaspan, take it only at bedtime.

Best of luck. :)
Re: Niaspan ?
Sep 14, 2007
Did you try Policosonal from sugar cane wax and plant sterols? Before taking these two supplements my count was TC-300 LDL-192 HDL-62, my doc gave me a prescription for Lipitor and I threw it out. After the two supplements and a change of diet like you are eating (without niacin), my count is TC- 256 HDL-77 LDL-150, triglycerides, c-reactive protein, and homosysteine are normal. I go to the gym, but can't do much aerobics because I have bad knees.

I usually eat meat/fish/poultry with a startch and veggie for dinner, but take the sterols before I eat it, the other meals I opt for veggie salads with nuts, fruit, low carb pasta, beans, peanut butter sandwich, low sodium veggie soups, egg whites or omega 3 eggs, and oatmeal/oat bran cereal. I take 20 mgs. Policosonal every night without fail before I go to bed, it's supposed to raise HDL and lower LDL and triglyc. My LDL could be lower, it's borderline, but I'm happy with my ratio. If my LDL increases in the future I'm going to try niacin.

Good luck!
Re: Niaspan ?
Sep 14, 2007
Hi hotdam,

I agree with ventureman and think that Niaspan may be a good option if you do not want to take a statin. The problem with Slo-niacin is it is not FDA regulated. Each over the counter Niacin product you take will be different as there is no 1:1 ratio with over the counter niacin products. I spoke with a pharmacist from the manufacture that makes
Slo-niacin and they advised me that it is designed to be released over a 12 hour period. That is why the Slo-niacin can be much harsher on your liver since it is time released for such a long period. I am most reasonably certain that Niaspan is different. To my understanding most people take 500mg at bed time for one month then your doctor will increase your dosage afterwards. If you really want to get your numbers down especially your LDL you may have to go with a statin. Most Doctors will prescribe statins as the first line of defense. I chose not to take a prescription rather take Red yeast Rice as it is a natural statin. Red Yeast Rice and prescription statins are known to lower your LDL and triglycerides and total cholesterol but have minimal impact on your HDL levels. Niacin is best for boosting you HDL and many Doctor’s will prescribe Niaspan for that purpose.

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