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I stumbled on to another bit of information that might be of use to those who are trying to increase their HDL. This has not been studied as far as I'm aware but is based on the observation of a cardiologist. He started testing vitamin D3 levels of his patients after noticing seasonal dips in HDL levels. He then had patients supplement with OTC vitamin D3 in dosages that would get their vitamin D to a blood level of 50 ng/ml. What he noticed was nearly all patients that had low starting values of HDL had increases in their HDL levels. Those patient who had good levels 60+ saw no increase after supplemention. This is what he stated he typically observed. Joe Blow had a low HDL of 36 and after some weight loss, diet modification, regulare exercise, niacin supplementation and a daily glass of wine the 6 months later HDL levels peaked at a somewhat respectable level of 46. Added vitamin D at a dose of, 4000-6000 units per day to get to 50 ng/ml and re-check HDL two or three months later: 65 mg/dl.

Considering all the other health benifits of D3 this might be a good one to try. The only draw back I'm aware of is the cost of testing. I've read it is recommended to have blood test to determine the proper supplemental dosage.

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