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Amberly..........Don't panic!!! I'm surprised the nurse said she thought you would be obese. She should know that weight isn't necessarily an indicator of cholesterol levels. Your HDL (so called "good" cholesterol) is good. Your triglicerides are ok. Your LDL is high, but that can be remedied. As Fish said, perhaps you want to take a stress test to assure yourself that you don't have heart problems. Otherwise I would research some natural ways to work on lowering your LDL before I would jump on the statin bandwagon. Statins can have some serious side effects for some people. My first cholesterol test, about 10 years ago, was in the 300s too. It's still not below 200 but my ratio is good. There are some people on this board that can give you other suggestions on lowering your LDL. Take a deep breath and relax, you'll be ok.:)

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