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Sep 23, 2007
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[QUOTE=rahod;1128047]Not bad...but you still have a way to go. What's your plan to get down to the low 200's?[/QUOTE]

That's the response to an original post by clemons21, who wrote:
yes i've used it for about 8 months or so and it works well, it lowered my total cholesterol by about 22% 336 to 259

My response: Did you change nothing else other than taking Cholestoff? You should have also focused on exercising more and modifying your diet, so it's not accurate to attribute the cholesterol reduction to Cholestoff alone (IF AT ALL). How does the FDA feel about the product? [removed] try this one: [url][/url]
Re: Cholestoff
Sep 23, 2007
Plant stanols might be a better choice than sterols, as sterols could play a role in plaque formation:


I am also pretty sure sterols/stanols have no affect on LDL particle size (small LDL is bad, large LDL is mostly harmless). Taking sterols might be a case of just treating the numbers, and not reducing one's risk of heart disease.

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