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Ventureman: I'm not sure I agree that one's choice of heating healthy for life is unattainable. Personally, I've flushed out all bad food from my diet for the last 2 months and am very glad about it. In the past, I tried to limit these food intakes but since finding out that my cholesterol was [B]320[/B], this gave me the incentive to turn things around. As previously posted, my numbers have gone down to [B]144.35[/B] in only 2 months. Yes, I took RYR but my doctor and naturopath both agree that the supplement alone did not make it go down this much. The naturopath wants me off them completely eventually. We are monitoring numbers. I will not go back to eating poorly, I don't even crave these foods (well, sometimes I do but don't cheat).
My secret is eat 5 meals a day. oatmeal with cinamon in the morning, fruit or veggie snack, salad or sandwich for lunch (tomatoe or tuna or almond butter, anything good), snack in the afternoon, light dinner. I haven't had red meat, I now eat veggie burgers which are delicious. There are several alternative to the bad foods available, we just have to be aware. I made a wonderful spagetti sauce with extra lean ground turkey. I made chilli with the same. There are lots of receipes out there. I think my diet is normal now and won't go back. We can even have pizza, there is veggie pepperoni and cheese out there, whole weat crust etc...
I've also lost 17 lbs and that is not from starving, far from it...just change of diet.
I also exercise regularly, a walk with my dog and 30 min cardio with some light weight lifting.
[QUOTE=Red60;3230302]The foods seem to be very easy for me but smoking and sodas are my vises and I've yet to be able to overcome them. I haven't tried to quit smoking for many years but come Oct 1st I'm going to give it my best shot. Hopefully I will be successfull and begin to clear another poison from my body. After that I'll work on the soda poison.[/QUOTE]
I hear you about the smoking part, this is way more difficult than change of diet! I plan on quitting too:)

These are my new numbers and yes, diet (in my case) does work!
triglycerides: 52.63
Cholesterol : 144.35
Cholesterol/HDL ratio: 124.61
HDL : 44.89
LDL : 89.01

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