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Besided many doctors are often wrong in that they:

1. Initially overmedicate often with no consideration of side effects.
2. My previous doc did that... I dumped his advise after 6 months.
Went to a healthfood store, and got stuff per the stores advise.
Cured my problem of 6 months overnight.
3. New doctor could see I had the problem but saw no new evidence of it still.
And he took me off of 100% of what the previous doc had me taking.

Ie; Doctors often wont treat the problem...but only the symptom.

PersonalllY i would love to sue the previous doctor and will in fact publicly state that he is a overmedicating idiot... and should not be practicing. Too many meds and sideeffects from the toomany meds.

No he wasnt malpracticing or criminal...but damn close.
Blaming my own issues for the problem instead of the meds.

My current doctor added Niaspan to my medications..but after 4 weeks I still have serious problems sleeping, and am often having headaches..

Ive tried Niaspan before...and the last time I was on it for 6 weeks before I gave up then.. Virtually no sleep for 1 week, and rare and no real change other than that plus lack of sleep.

Fortuantely at the time I was unemployed and could alternate my sleeping. This particular time did kill a job opportunity.

I currently cant afford even 4 days of issues or problems via Niaspan if it repeat these same problems.


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