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Niaspan is NOT a statin. It is vitamin B3... also known as niacin. It's a water soluble vitamin... you pee out what your body can't use. It's really more of a prescription supplement than a medication, per say.

The side effects are not muscle aches. It can cause flushing in some people but with enough patience, you can get past that. You will get the least flushing with prescription Niaspan.

Talk it over with your Doctor. I think you will be pleasantly surprized. :)
My first medication for cholesterol was Lipitor was on for along time, always complained about severe muscle aches. My Doctor said it cannot be from meds. stopped taking even though she said not to. So my Dr. put me on Zetia was on for 4 weeks and also had severe muscle aches I went to the mall and while I was there I could not walk my husband had to hold me up to get me to the car. The next day went to Dr. had blood work, also said it was not the medicine (yea Right) but I stopped. Was put on another med. that you mixed in juice was one of the older meds. that did not go into liver, but you had to take it several times a day so threw that out too. So then went on Lescol XL, Dr. said it was not like a statin drug, took for a long time guess what always felt horrible, the other day had severe muscle aches that brought me to the dr. once again and she sent me for some heavy duty blood work , lymes, lupus and a whole bunch more. Wating for results. But guess what I stopped the lescol XL and I am feeling better already. I am sleeping better and I feel like I slept, very little muscle aches. So in the trash with this med. too I will take my chances with no meds. watch what I eat etc. at least I will start feeling human again. Don't understand why Drs. say it is not the statin drugs, they almost make you question your self, :confused: like your nuts. Good luck

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