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Since my wife was diagnosed with very high cholesterol levels during May of last year, (inherited condition apparently), we decided to approach it's control to a comfortable set of figures using natural therapy.

Having initial TC/HDL and LDL/HDL ratio's above the norm, (TC/HDL ratio is more indicative of of cardiovascular disease than TC alone.) and having no other health problems to add to the equation, such as high blood pressure or inherited heart disease problems, statins were eliminated from the equation, having been recommended by her doctor.

It is disgusting how readily doctors' prescribe these statin drugs, even when only one of three health requirements for there prescription is met.

Our lifestyles, exercise and diet for the past thirty odd years has been very good, with no intake of red meat except the odd steak six or so times a year, so no changes made here.

Luckily, having a fair bit of knowledge in the field of natural remedies, now was the time to start work on the woman of my life, instead of the 'punters', (sorry, customers).

After reading this board's contents we decided to try a couple of recommended remedies.
We first looked at Sytrinol after reading extremely good study reviews and I personally favored the contents of this product. However, after three months her TC actually increased with very little change in LDL,HDL or Trigs.

Next approach was with Niacin and EPA/DHA fish oil. Niacin is heavily 'pushed' on this forum, but in practice will only raise HDL. If your HDL figures are fine, then Niacin is NOT for you. Changes to my wife's numbers were certainly better, but no way near good enough.

Having only had marginal reductions for the first eleven months, I decided to use my own experience to produce a formula for results.

Oh boy, what results we have had here, after just five months, so I will let you all into my secret formula.

TC down - staggering 31.5%
LDL down - staggering 37.7%
Trigs down - staggering 42.7%

The results have been obtained by the balanced combination of ingredients, and not just one bit of this or that or the other.

By the way, if you are using Red Yeast Rice, go along with the recommendations of the writer of this post, as he writes from the same hymn sheet as I. (Orbi who?)


More than 1.2 gms a day is not necessary, nor recommended. People here are recommending amounts of 2.4 grams. You only require 600mgs per day of a good RYR, taken with dinner or supper in the evening.

Now, the results.

_______ TC ___ LDL___ HDL__ Trigs.__ TC/HDL__ LDL/HDL

May-06_ 289.5__ 216.1__ 54__ n.a.__ 5.4__ 4 (started 1)
Sep-06_ 316.5__ 212.3__ 58__ 212__ 5.5__ 3.7 (started 2)
Dec-06_ 277.9__ 193__ 62__ 115__ 4.5__ 3.1
Apr-07_ 281.8__ 204.6__ 54__ 124__ 5.2__ 3.8 (started 3)
Oct-07_ [B]193__ 127.4__ 50__ 71__ 3.8__ 2.5 [/B]

(1) May06 - Initial Reading Commenced with 300mg Sytrinol.
(2) Sep06 - Started 1000mg Niacin + 450mg EPA/300mg DHA Fish oil + Vitamin B complex.
(3) Apr07 - Started 600mg RYR + 100mg COq10 + 600mg EPA/400mg DHA fish oil + 6250mcg Allicin.

We are both extemely pleased with her results that were received today. Looks like I still have a job afterall.

Try it and see for yourself....It suited my goose, but will it suit the gander?

Lord Taff.
[QUOTE=Lord_Taff;3251526]Niacin is heavily 'pushed' on this forum, but in practice will only raise HDL. If your HDL figures are fine, then Niacin is NOT for you.

This is not a true statement at all. Niacin lowered my LDL, Triglicerides, and Tot-C 50%, and raised my HDL 26%...

And Niaspan (niacin) has been the only medication in my 16 years of taking cholesterol lowering medications that has brought my cholesterol numbers into the "normal" range... something statins never came close to doing.

Also, niacin has been proven time and time again at lowering triglycerides... in fact, niacin and fibrates are the only known medications proven to lower triglycerides.

Statins, on the other hand, hoses your HDL. And RYR is a statin, so that can't be too good for your HDL... unless you supplement your RYR with niacin... :D

As I said, what suits the goose.......!

You push Niacin on this board because it personally works for you and suits you. But only a minority of people reading this board have reported success obtaining better overall cholesterol figures using just Niacin.
At the very high dose that you reportedly take, I certainly would not recommend this high intake to anybody, under any circumstances.

My wife was on 1000mg, and that was as far as I would let her go because of the chance of developing organ damage amongst other reported side effects through long term use of higher doses.
Niacin, even in a known working combination did not achieve the desired results for the love of my life (yawn, yawn!!), so another avenue was approached, which is working, and working very well.

I wonder how I got my wife's Trig's down 42.7% by NOT taking niacin, and without fibrates as well. The secret is within my original post.
Hence, the working combination has been passed on for other readers to try.
You should start seeing results after about three months, depending if you are a 'goose' or a 'gander'.

Note that her HDL readings have been fairly constant, whether on or off Niacin. For the past five months, no Niacin.
If your HDL/Trigs readings are low whilst taking RYR, then yes, drink a glass of red wine each day to boost your HDL. I do not recommend the intake of Niacin in which ever form it comes in, with RYR.

FYI: RYR is not a statin. Lovastatin is a synthetic copy of one of the by-products of RYR. You don't remember?

Your writings remind me of a former member of this board.

Lord Taff.

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