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Your triglycerides are a bit high - if you could drop them, your overall numbers would be fine. Cut back on sweets, white carbs, and alcohol if that applies to you.

I'd try the low-dose Crestor - it helps fight inflammation. I'd also try Folic Acid and a B-Complex to help drop your CRP level.

Take some CoQ10 with the Crestor - it should eliminate the possibility of muscle aches.

Thanks so much for the replies. I don't eat any sugar, no sweets, no alcohol, and no processed food. I am, in fact, on an Atkins diet so my saturated fats are the issue, I think, with my high LDL. I should also add that my cholesterol numbers are better this last 2 months and all due to the Niaspan. Without it, I think I can predict an increase. Considering my diet, the high TGs are not easy to understand. Prior to Niaspan my TGs 254. My doc did increase my omacor to 4,000 mg/day and the plant stanols to 3,000/day. I'll be taking 2.5 mg of Crestor/WEEK! I will begin to look into the other supplements on your advice. I already take multi's, B-complex, and folic and aspirin - which is why my doc feels the increasing c-Reactive Protein level so ominous. But we haven't looked into Vit D so I am still open to possible improvements. Finally, I am going to investigate going to a vegetarian diet. But I have reservations. I feel best on Atkins and control my weight better. I don't do well with carbs at all. I don't care for fish. I did a very low-fat diet for years and I was always hungry and always weak. But I'm trying to keep an open mind.
HubbleRules - I appreciate the explanation for why the CoQ10 is spoken of so frequently here. I didn't know it was useful in preventing the muscle issues with statins. It's always an education on these boards. Many thanks. Suzy-Q

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