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[QUOTE=Red60;3261452]Yes, diet can make a huge difference. But the real question is can we eat healthy for the rest of our lives? I think with the proper motivation we can. But I sense by the tone of your posts that you feel you are depriving yourself with your current diet. Thats something that will have to change for you to make long term dietary changes. So this Thanksgiving go ahead and dig in. Eat all of those foods you've been depriving yourself of for the past months. Don't limit yourself eat just as you did last year. For now don't worry about the cholesterol test you can always take another one in a few months. I will almost bet that after eating a very clean diet for a few months you will be very suprised by the way you feel after feasting. Pay attention to how you feel after eating all the yummie foods. If you're like me you may be ready to go back to your boring pre holiday diet sooner than you think. I couldn't believe how crappy I felt after returning to my old way of eating for a day or two. After repeating this cycle a few dozen times I finally got to the point I wanted nothing to do with all of the holiday foods. It's kinda like the morning after a night of heavy drinking. That one only took me a couple thousand cycles to finally figure out. I guess I never have been real good at moderation so I end up having to take an all or nothing stance on some stuff. I never could smoke one cig, drink one beer or eat one slice of bread.

Remember the holiday is about people not food.[/QUOTE]

I think the holiday is about people AND food :) Of course, I am a "foodie", so it would make sense that I feel that way. My father's hobby is gourment cooking. I believe that food is one of the greatest pleasures in life! So yes, I do feel somewhat deprived since I LOVE food. But, I do believe I can make this a lifetime change -- really I do. I am not an "all or nothing" person. I am going to get tested before Thanksgiving -- I would prefer not to take another cholesterol test if possible. BTW -- I just got done eating salmon, spinach salad with olive oil and red grapes for dessert. See -- I am on the right track :) Can't wait to wake up to that oatmeal with flax seed, skim milk, raisins and banana :)
I Have A Couple New Posts On Here Called "lipitor", I Need To Know What Kinds Of Food Different People Eat, I Do Not Eat Out I Do Not Eat Very Much Red Meat I Try And Watch The "white" Foods But Name Some Of The Things You Guys Eat, For Me, I Am Stopping The Lipitor So Maybe Some Of You Can Give Me An Idea Of Say A Days Meals???? I Am Not Diabetic, Am Trying To Lose 10 Pounds, Other Than The Lipitor Effects I A
m In Good Health Iam 53 And 5ft 1 In All Menus Appreciated[/QUOTE]

I eat oatmeal with skim milk, soy milk, raisins, walnuts, flax seed, cinammon and banana mixed together with a cup of orange juice for breakfast.

Then for lunch I usually have a vegetable wrap or sandwich on whole grain bread with steamed veggies on the side and some hummus for protein.

For dinner I have salmon or chicken with brown rice and broccoli and/or a spinach salad with mixed vegetables topped with olive oil. Dessert is usually grapes or strawberries.

For snacks I stick with fresh fruit, or hummus with carrots or on Wasa crackers. I also eat walnuts for snacks.

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