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My HDL is currently at 42 and was advised it was fine as for men it needs to be above 40 and for women above 50. I am currently taking Niacin under my Doctor’s care to help boost my HDL more. What I have heard optimal HDL level is 60 or above and the higher the better. My Doctor told me that they are 78% concerned about your LDL and 22% concerned about your HDL. I am just very confused as I see many have high LDL and do not seemed so concerned about it as they are more concerned about keeping their HDL high.
Mark, first off I always enjoy your posts. Your responses are always well worded and very informative and I nearly always find myself in agreement with your statements and your general health philosophy. In regards to your comments on Dr Steven Nissen quote.

[QUOTE] Dr Davis goes on to suggest that the presence of plaque means that cholesterol needs to be further reduced, regardless of its initial level. I can't accept this. It is falling into the same old trap of blaming heart disease on cholesterol, which doesn't make sense to me.[/QUOTE]

I have some reservation about this also. I don't know if you have read Dr. Davis 60-60-60 goal LDL 60 HDL 60 TG 60. To me this seems really low. But in his defense these numbers are based on what he has seen produce positive results based on heartscan score. What I really find difficult to believe is that fewer than 5% of those he treats require statins to achieve these levels. His "Go To" meds are Fishoil, Niacin and Vitamin d3. He promotes a low carb moderate fat diet along with exercise. He also knows there are some undiscovered factors that play a part in CHD. He has seen patients that despite doing everything possible cannot seem to halt the advancement of the disease. If we can learn what is happening in these patients it might allow us to take another significant step foward in the fight.

For me I would just like to get my HDL to a respectable level. I'm getting a VAP test in the morning hopefuly I'll get a little boost since I've quite smoking.

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