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[QUOTE=VentureMan;3270578]Since we are talking money here... how much does the VAP test cost...?

And wouldn't the results of this test tell you the normal range of each component so that you would know how to interpret it...?[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure of the actual cost but they claim it is about the same as the routine cholesterol test. One of the down sides is that there are only a handful of labs with the equipment so the samples have to be sent out and it takes a while to get the results.

There are actually three different commercially available lipoprotein tests.

1. Gel electropheresis (GGE) GGE uses a gel with an electric field applied to cause lipoproteins to migrate, based on particle size and charge.

2) Vertical auto-profile (VAP)--a form of centrifugation, or high-speed spinning of blood plasma to separate lipoprotein particles.

3) Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)--places plasma in an NMR (also known as MRI) device to characterize blood proteins.

From what I've read they are all good tests, each doctor may have his or her own preference. From what I've seen the NMR test may actually have some advantages over the others but in my case the VAP was selected because the Dr is familiar with it and his local lab is familiar with processing to the outside lab.

I've looked at a Sample VAP Cholesterol test online and it doesn't look difficult to understand. All the ranges are defined and any risks are identified on the test. You and your Dr. would just have to figure out the best treatment strategy. That's where it would pay off to do your homework once you knew your true cholesterol profile. I'm not sure all doctors would know the best way to treat the different possible patterns.

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