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[QUOTE=hotdam;3277433]Lord taff, thanks for the info however I am trying to reduce my LDL where it is at 185 my HDL is at 55, I am desperately needing to just lower the numbers that need to be lowered And statins are not the answer.[/QUOTE]

Hi Hotdam,

Your HDL figure of 55 is just fine, so I repeat, Niacin is not needed in your case!

All you need to concentrate on, is your TC, LDL and just as important your Triglyceride levels. What are your Trig levels Hotdam?

Without affecting your HDL level too much, try the following.

1 x 600mg of Natures Plus extended release providing 10.2mg (1.7%) total monacolins, taken with food late in the evening. Reduces LDL, thus TC, produces a better HDL-TC ratio which today is the figure that influences a doctors decision to place his patient on Statins. OR SHOULD I SAY, should influence......

1 x 100mg trans-isomer natural Coenzyme Q10 capsule taken anytime once per day. As RYR 'partially' works in the same way as a statin acting on the liver, it is wise to supplement with this life essential molecule. The older you are, the less the body manufactures COq10.

People with high LDL levels can protects LDL cholesterol from oxidising, thus reducing damage to arteries by supplementing with a high level Allicin supplement. This Allicin supplement is equivalent to crushing 40-80 garlic cloves between your teeth and swallowing just the liquid of garlic. And we all should know by now the magical properties of garlic.

EPA fish oil to reduce your Trigs and LDL, at least 600mg pure EPA a day.

If after three months your LDL and/or TC have not reduced by at least 25%, then up the RYR to 1200mg per day. DO NOT take RYR in the morning, not even the extended release version, it is virtually a waste of a tablet. Your cholesterol is mainly manufactured during the three sleeping cycles of the night, so one at teatime and the other as above.

Try the above Hotdam, I am sure you will see a difference, a big difference.

I believe in gradual incrementation of vitamins/drugs/supplements and not to dive in with both feet.
Be responsible for your own life, we only have it once
Be responsible for your own health, and don't let others destroy what is so precious. ie: Alway err on the side of caution.

PS: Please believe me.....I recommend that Niacin, in whatever form, should not be taken along with RYR. Pharmacists, nor the run of the mill doctor knows very little of the properties of RYR, and most probably have never even heard of it!

Lord Taff of Puffin Island.

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