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Re: I did it!!!
Oct 31, 2007
[QUOTE=Sasham;3284432]What great news! Congratulations!!
I am hoping to see results similar to yours.
Like Allison, I hope I am one of those who sees
lower results with diet and exercise.

Could you share with us what foods you are
eating? How your diet has changed.
And tell us about your additional exercise?


Sure! The supplements I take daily are 3Tbls. of Psyllium Husks, mixed w/ 8 oz. juice (It thickens so I stir and chug just to get it down) and Fish Oil. My friend had high cholesterol and brought hers down 50 pts. in 8 weeks, too. She swore it was because of the Psyllium Husks, so I figured I'd try it, too.

As far as exercise, I exercise 30 mins. a day. Bike riding, walks, 30 min. aerobic tape or something like that. I also will do some floor work or light weights 2X/week.

I have been pretty strict w/ my diet and have actually lost 28 lbs. in the process. I don't eat white flour or sugar. If I need flour, I will ground up oatmeal in my coffee grinder to a flour consistency. :) Have you heard of Dr. Oz? I've basically been following his way of eating. The things I typically have for meals are:

1)egg whites (cooked like a fried egg (not scrambled) in Olive oil)
2)Gimmee Lean soy sausage (or Boca soy sausage)
4)Cheerios w/ a banana
1 C. vanilla soy milk
1/3 C. frozen berries
1/2 banana
1/2 Tbls. flaxseed oil (or ground flaxseeds)
1 Tbls. Honey (or splenda)
Blend well in blender.

1)Boca Burgers
2)Pear Salad (Greens w/ fat free feta, walnuts, diced pears, balsamic vinegrette) DELICIOUS!!!
3)[B][U]Zucchini Patties[/U][/B]
Grate zucchini (2.5 cups) Squeeze well through paper towl or cheese cloth to release the water. Then put it in a bowl and add:
3 egg whites
1 cup ground oatmeal
1/4 c. finely minced onion or 2 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. salt
Mix well, form into patties, then cook in a pan using a little olive oil or Pam.
4)I don't mind soy products, so I do eat things like soy bologna, soy salami, soy pepperoni, tofurkey, etc. w/ soy cheese in pita bread. I know it grosses some people out, but I actually like it. They are all cholesterol free w/ no Sat. fats and very low fat.

1)chicken breasts
3)Taco Salad w/ no meat. Lettuce, black beans, fat free cheese, olives, tomatoes, salsa, corn, etc.
5)Pasta Fagioli, w/ ground turkey instead of beef

1)TONS of air popped popcorn topped w/ Ranch seasoning packet. I guess the seasoning might not be that good for you, but it's my one indulgence. :)
2)baked apples w/ walnuts and cinnamon
3)raw almonds, cashews
4)dried apple slices
5)chocolate or espresso meringues if I *need* something sweet
6)Natural peanut butter and banana or apple (I also use "Better than Peanut Butter" that I get at Trader Joe's.

That's what I can think of for now. Some stuff I eat is pretty hard core that I don't think most people would be interested in, but this is typically stuff I'll eat on a regular basis.

Hope that helps.

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