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[QUOTE=tbdbitlfan;3292971] Don't you think Drs. would be up on all this and know when things were not right? Seems like they are all stuck on just getting the tc count down and don't worry about the other numbers. [/QUOTE]

Yes you would think that doctors would be up on this. The sad truth is that they are not. In fact from what I've read most cardio specialist are not up to date when it comes to cholesterol and the proper ways to treat the different possible patterns.

[QUOTE]When you had all those extra tests did you just know about them and ask your dr. to run them or was that called for by your dr.? [/QUOTE]

My doctor uses the VAP test. But not for the reasons you might expect. He likes it because you can get an accurate LDL reading without fasting. My doctor is young and his education is recent. He didn't have clue how to use the extra information that the test provided. You should have seen the look on his face when I explained the test results to him and told him the best methods to treat some of the different patterns. He really seemed to be interested in what I was saying. He even asked for the addresses of the web sites that I had made reference to and wrote them down. A fair amout of what I told him came straight off the VAP Testing Labs Site so you would think since he uses their test he would have at least looked it over.

A lot of the information that I trust comes from Dr. William Davis. I would love to post a link to his site but the rules will not allow. If you happen to run accross his many articles take some time a look them over. I'll give you the short version of his basic approach.

Eliminate all transfats and hydrogenated fats, limit heated fats as much as possible.

He would recommend low carb with NO Wheat.

Make up the missing calories with good fats. Nuts, avacado olive oil, ect.......

limit the animal fats and saturated fats < 7% of total calories.

Supplement with fish oil 4-6 grams per day

Make sure your vitamin D3 levels are near the upper limits

If you have small dense LDL, Lp (a) or low HDL - Treat with Niacin

Exercise 4-6 times per week

If all the above fails to reduce LDL to acceptable levels then treat with the lowest possible statin dose. He finds this to only be neccessary with about 5% of his pacients.

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