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These were the results ...

Total: 125
HDL: 33
LDL: 79 (calculated = TC - HDL - TRIG/5)
Trigylcerides: 64

Am I supposed to look at the low HDL by itself as being bad, or am I supposed to compare it to LDL or Total?

Low HDL by itself is bad... and is probably a better indicator is issues than high LDL. You need to do something to get that HDL up above 40. If your HDL is below 40, then your ratio is much more meaningless,

Try increasing good fats in your diet... like extra virgin olive oil and avacado's. Fat intake should increase you HDL. You may also want to increase butter too. Butter and olive oil together in foods is a wonderful way to increase fats in your diet.

Best of luck. :)

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