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My doc is a little annoy that I wont go on Lipitor and I thought RYR would have done the trick. Was the cardiochek results completely bogus? I know I should have tested it with the Kaiser test but I ran out of strips. What should I do?



Don't think that just because RYR is a 'natural' statin that it is safer to take than Lipitor. RYR has almost no quality controls - it probably is made in China, and you know how well they test ingredients over there. (Some will say this is racist, but facts are facts, the contamination of Chinese products is epidemic and well documented).

I would try the Lipitor and see how you react to it. If you have muscle pains, then just stop taking it. Chances are however you will do well on it and will lower your cholesterol.

I do not say this lightly either - I had serious muscle pains and weakness after my Lipitor was combined with Tricor - and it took 1.5 years to recover. I am back on Lipitor however, since none of the natural remedies were able to bring my cholesterol to under 270.

Some people simply cannot tolerate statins and they need to and should discontinue them. However, you may be one of those who are able to tolerate it and benefit from it.


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