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You should never worry about cholesterol from fresh veggies and fruit.

The only dietary cholesterol that is worth considering is that from animals... like beef, chicken, pork, eggs, cheese, lard, etc.

Your liver makes all the choleserol you body needs...

But consuming large quantities of banana's will make your hair curl... :D
[QUOTE=Staceymarie14;3332791]Do bananas have a lot of cholesterol?[/QUOTE]

My Tri"s are high, and this dietitian that I see told me that natural fruit has lots of natural sugar in them, and to limit my natural fruit to 2 a day. She said carb's and natural fruit (and of course all the other goodies) will raise up your Tri's. I use to eat a banana every day, but since she said bananas are "real high" in sugar, I sort of eliminated them. I usually have a glass of orange juice and a pear during the day. What do you all think about this? :confused: Thanks !!
She told me that also, I forgot to write that down. She said to count 1 glass of OJ as a fruit. Boy this cholesterol thing is so complex...what to eat for the good, for the bad and for the ugly !! :D
I saw a naturopath to help me lower my cholesterol and she told me the same thing about fruits. They are great but the sugar content was not helping my tri's. She is right about bananas and oranges but don't forget the grapes and strawberries. All other fruits were a go if I remember well.

Learning to eat right is a lot of work but it will get easier with time and become part of your day to day life.
Hang in there, it's all worth it.

By the way, I didn't quit strawberries and oranges and my numbers went down anyways. Don't deprive yourself of the occasional banana, beats having a piece of pie!
I think she is wrong about strawberries.

Berries have a very low glycemic... in fact, berries are about the only fruit you should be eating if glycemic levels are important. And believe it or not, peaches have a low glycemic level too.
I was just reading some of the paper work she gave me , and it said..
Berry's, rhubarb, peaches, pears, apples cherries, plums, apricots, melons,grapefruit, are low in sugar.
High in sugar are... grapes, tangerines, oranges, pineaple, and kiwi.
Very high in sugar are... Bananas, dried fruits, and mango's.

Question...the fruits that are low in sugar..they will still raise your Tri's? Right?
You still have to be careful how much of them you eat..right?? especially if your Tri's are high??
I wouldn't worry about the low carb, low glycemic fruits. These are typically what Diebetics would eat for fruit... and those of us on Atkins.

An easy way to determine sugar in food is to read the label for carbs. Processed food are loaded with carbs... usually in the form of sugar or corn syrup.

Most veggies are low in glycemic... with a few exceptions like carrots.

Of course potatoes, rice, pasta, and other four goods are high glycemic foods.

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