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I have posted a lot on this board about Niacin but I am in a very gray area right now in regards to my numbers.

My Doctor will have me in for a full lipid panel during the first week of February. This will give me a sold six months on 2,000mg immediate release Niacin. As mentioned before my numbers were in a good range but my Doctor wanted me to give immediate Niacin a try as he prefers me to be on it on the long term as opposed to Red Yeast Rice which I have had excellent results with for the past three years.

My numbers this past August were as fallows

Total 134
LDL 75
HDL 42

As mentioned I thought these numbers were very good a long with my diet and exercise program which I continue to do. The only thing is that I dropped the 1,200mg Red Yeast Rice twice daily and now take 2,000mg of immediate release Niacin with a snack at bed time.

I just really do not know what to expect and I must wait till the first week in February when I will have my test. :(

However my Doctors main focus and concern is keeping my LDL under 100. My LDL was at 75 as of my last test which was great.

I just do not know what to expect from 2,000mg immediate release Niacin. I will post my full results once tested.
[QUOTE=Lord_Taff;3335842]Hi Arizona77

I think you are looking and waiting for a response that will sway you back onto the RYR that worked very effectively in your case, as you really cannot wait until February.

Now get this....coming from me of all people on this board, STAY with the current 2gms per day of Niacin until February, so that you and your doctor can see once and for all if your TC/HDL and HDL/LDL ratios are worse or better on Niacin than when on 1.2gms RYR.

If your ratios are better, then think of the long term consequences of taking 2gms Niacin for the remainder of your life, compared with RYR which contains many beneficial natural ingredients as well as cholesterol lowering monacolins.

Stick it out my friend.

Lord Taff.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Lord Taff...this has been a tough waiting time now as I am in an extremely gray area and do not know what to expect with 2,000mg immediate release niacin. My Doctor placed my lab orders and I will have a full lipid panel done during the fist week of February.

Regarding my previous numbers I have been taking RYR for the past three years with no issues no side effects at all just outstanding results.

It will be interesting to see what Niacin does. In deed all I can do is wait and just hope for the best. If not my Doctor already agreed that if the Niacin does not work he will put me right back on the RYR. All he wanted me to do is give Niacin a try for six months and see where I stand.

All the best.
Hi Lord Taff and Boubou....Thanks for your replays. Only time will tell. I have been on 2,000mg immediate release flush Niacin daily since August. I take (2) 1,000mg caps at bed time. It will be interesting to see how my numbers turn out. I have changed nothing in regards to diet and exercise. I feel that Niacin will raise my HDL and lower my TRIG more but I have a strong feeling that my LDL may be higher. But I am not going to come to any conclusions until tested.

If my numbers and ratios are not good my Doctor advised me in full this week that he will put me right back on Red Yeast Rice. As mentioned Red Yeast Rice has worked wonders for me and I have never had better results. Previously I was taking 1.2g twice daily for the past three years with no issues no side effects just outstanding results.

Personally, I would love to go back to Red Yeast Rice now as I know it has worked so well for me but can not mess up the Niacin. My test is in the first week if February and I will post my results.

Boubou...All the best and hope that everything works out for you.
Hi Judge,

That is precisely what my Doctor told me. He expects that with this dosage 2,000mg immediate release will significantly improve my HDL and lower my TRIG more. However, as you stated and my Doctor advised it will not lower my LDL as much as any type of statin. Previously I was taking Red Yeast Rice for the past three years which is an over the counter dietary supplement that acts as a natural statin. Here were my numbers this past August.

Total 135
LDL 75
HDL 42

I have a strong feeling the Niacin will raise my HDL more and lower my TRIG more. However it will be interesting to say the least how my LDL turns out.

I had an office visit with my Doctor today and he advised if my LDL does not stay bellow 100 he will put me right back on the Red Yeast Rice and I agreed with him.

I feel like a test Subject:D with this Niacin but in all sincerity I am happy I am giving it a try and after six months I will know if to stay the course or go back to the Red Yeast Rice.

All the best

I think your RYR numbers are fantastic. Looks like your ratio is about 3:5 to 1 which Lenin taught me is fantastic. Boy do I miss his input:(. Your HDL is still not bad but I guess you can shoot for the stars:cool:. I've lost 20+ pounds and am exercising 3 or 4 days/week for 1 hour. I'm taking the Centrum Heart vitamin x2/day but am laying off the Niacin. I may give the ryr a shot b4 going back on the vytorin, who knows. The Vytorin 10/20 took my numbers too low, in my opinion (but not my doctor's:).

I'm glad to see you're still keeping up with this board. Maybe this winter I'll visit more.

Good luck.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Judge,

At this point all I can do is hope for the best. All I do know to my understanding and I am no expert by any means is that Niacin is extremely good for cholesterol. Not only does it effectively raise your HDL and raise it turns your HDL to a more proactive size. It also decreases LDL and VDL and is the only treatment for reducing LPa’s. Also many studies have also shown that Niacin can reduce over all mortality.

Yes I continue to flush tremendously as I take 2,000mg of immediate release Niacin all at once at bed time per my Doctor’s orders. The flush does not bother me on bit any more.
In fact with the flush I know that it is powerful stuff and it is doing its job which makes me feel great!

My test will be during the first week of February and I will post and share my results with everyone the second I get them.
Quick up date on the Niacin. Things are continually going well on 2,000mg immediate release daily. I am now in my fifth month of treatment. I just saw my Doctor this Friday and he ordered my lipid panel during the first week of February. As mentioned before I took Red Yeast Rice daily for the past three years with outstanding results. However my Doctor told me regardless of my numbers with Niacin he will, "Not", allow me to take Red Yeast Rice anymore. His main concern as a Doctor was the resent FDA warning on Red Yeast Rice products. That only applied to a few brands out there and to be honest Red Yeast Rice is extremely safe and as mentioned I took it for three years with great results. But I fully respect my Doctor and his opinion and judgment he is the best Doctor I have ever had. :)

My Doctor wants me to stick with Niacin for the long term. He advised he will not give me an RX for any type of statin medication. He said my numbers are in a very acceptable range and he said there is no reason for me to be on statins. He further stated he wants me on the Niacin and to stick with it. Regardless it will be interesting to see how my numbers turn out. I will let everyone know as soon as I get my results. :cool:

Here is a link to the FDA warning on RYR. As you mention, it specifically targets 3 different brands.


The FDA claims that these 3 brands contain too much lovastatin, and were probably enhanced with it. They were worried (supposedly) that patients might accidentally overdose and have health problems.

The 3 brands also made claims that their products are intended for the diagnosis, cure, prevention or treatment of diseases. This is
prohibited under the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

So, unless you were on one of the brands mentioned, you are probably OK.

One thing to keep in mind though - RYR is only as high-quality as the manufacturer producing it - and if it is sourced from China, I personally would be worried about taking it until our government does something to ensure the quality of food and supplements coming into our country from foreign sources. Foreign suppliers are not subject to the same FDA inspection process that US firms are.


Hi HubbleRules,

Thank you for your response. My Doctor also pointed out all the things you mentioned as well. My Doctor further stated Red yeast Rice is, “Not”, a proven treatment like Niacin or say a Statin etc. His main concern was what you advised. He was concerned about the dosage concentration which can and will very from brand to brand. Also he advised it is not proven to work as well as Niacin or an RX statin and all of this is fully quoting my Doctor. As mentioned I trust his judgment and I am sticking with the Niacin. He also said if my numbers do not turn out good which he already said the will as I take 2,000mg immediate release daily, he will then just adjust the Niacin dosage if needed. He assured me in full that Niacin will work just fine as he said it is a proven safe and a very effective treatment option.
[QUOTE=namelessme;3362032]But you are basing that statement on the clinical studies released to the public, right? What if they also included their data that showed it also increased the chances of getting a heart attack? Merck knew of the heart risks, way before the data became public. They chose, for financial reasons, not to disclose the information.

And I am going off-topic here (sorry about that).

As for Niacin side effects vs Statin side effects, I'm not sure of any studies that directly compare the two. They may exist, but off-hand I don't know of any. Each has been well studied, so the side effects for both are out there in studies.

And I agree that niacin should be considered a drug, when taken in large doses. Anyone who takes it should see a doctor and take it under their care.[/QUOTE]

Sorry in advanced to go off topic as well but namelessme you bring up a very good point and a very important point. Even though Niacin is a very simple B Vitamin when taken in high dosages it acts like a drug and should be treated that way. I take 2,000mg immediate release a day and am under full supervision and care of my Doctor. Anyone that takes high dosages of Niacin should do so only under the supervision and care of a Doctor.
The time has come. My Doctor today moved up my lipid panel and will have it done three weeks from now. I have been taking 2,000mg of immediate release Niacin daily for six months now. It will be very interesting to see how my numbers turn out. I will post my results in full once I receive them.

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