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You are right, as there has been no damage to your heart, nor is blood flow being impeded. Cardiovascular disease might be a more appropriate term here.

Statins can reduce your chances of having a heart attack, and can reduce the speed at which plaque builds up. If you took a high enough dose of a statin to lower your cholesterol super low (LDL below 70), I think there are some studies that show it does reverse plaque (a tiny bit). But... of course, statins do have some side effects too.

I am not saying statins are even ideal here. Perhaps diet, exercise, fish oil and something to raise your HDL will be fine. Basically, you just need to figure out the best ways to get your triglycerides, ldl, and hdl closer to 60-60-60 numbers. And high triglycerides alone might not cause plaque, but when they are high, it also tends to mean your VLDL is high, and your LDL may mostly consist of small particle sizes, which are sorta bad.

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