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[QUOTE=unionponi;3337278]I have high cholesertol at 23. Why? I just moved to a new state and started with a new doctor. I had blood work done last week and they said I needed to go on medication to lower my cholesterol. I go back to the doctor next week, when I'm going to ask what the numbers were, but for now I'm wondering what would have made my cholesterol so high that I had to go on mediation without trying diet or exercise changes first?

As a second question, I am on Ortho Evra birth control and read that Lipitor (the medication I picked up yesterday but haven't taken yet) can interact with hormonal birth control, including the patch.

Should I take the medication or wait to talk to my doctor?[/QUOTE]

No need to be worried or greatly concerned. It is very common and high cholesterol can affect anyone at any age. There are plenty of people younger than you that have high cholesterol. I have had it since my teenage years all genetic. I am 6'0" weigh 195 very fit and the last thing someone would think was that I have high cholesterol and hypertension. I just got the bad genes I guess:D but the good news is that you now know and being proactive about this is the best thing you can do. All the best and hope that everything works out for you. Again no need to be concerned as this is a very common occurrence even in young people. But yes talk to your Doctor.

All the best :cool:

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