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[QUOTE=Red60;3346250]Mike, it looks as if your most obvious risk is the low HDL. You very well may have some other potential lipid pattern risks but it would required a more advanced lipo protein test to determine. I would request such test from your doctor if your insurance will cover it or if you can afford them. As far as the HDL goes I wouldn't expect much change due to the vytorin10/40. I believe you will see a good drop in the LDL but little if any improvement in HDL.

I have managed to increase my HDL from 27 to 42 with diet and lifesyle changes. I went to a grainless diet that included plenty of the so called "healthy fats" and a moderate level of saturated animal fats. Mostly comming from fish, chicken and eggs with a little red meat thrown in every now and then. Plenty of green veggies and a few servings of fruit each day. Try to avoid all trans fats including any hydrogenated fats. Hopefully you don't have the advantage of the other lifesyle change I've made which appears to have accounted for about 1/2 of my improved HDL numbers. That gain was achieved by quiting smoking.

I've seen in you other post that you are exercising. I have read one study that found the benifit of exercise on HDL was improved when the majority of the persons fat intake was consumed in the meal following the exercise session. I haven't tried this one yet but it might be worth a shot.

My latest addition to the regiment is vitamin d. I've read a lot of info that links many many problems including low HDL to low vitamin d levels. So begining this Oct I've been supplementing. I'm not sure when I'll be getting another test but I'll let everyone know if it helps. I started with 2000iu per day in OCT. Increased to 3000 iu per day in NOV and upped it to 4000iu in DEC. I think I'll hold at 4000iu until March and then tapper it off by the end of MAY once there's plenty of sun shine.[/QUOTE]

Hi Red,

Glad to see you back. Also glad to see that your HDL has gone up to 42 from 27 that is great. keep it up! I am doing well on the Niacin. I am still on 2,000mg immediate release at bed time. My lipid panel will be during the first week of February. This will give me a good six months on 2,000mg daily dosage.

As for Vitamin D you bring up a very good point. Even though I from Arizona and we get plenty of sun here. Most of the time I am not out side. When I see my Doctor next week I am going to ask him to check my Vitamin D levels when I have my lipid panel in February. I consume pretty much no dairy at all and do not consume anything high in vitamin D. Also my mutli Vitamin that I use has only 400 IU of Vitamin D2 in a tablet form. There fore it is pretty much useless as you will need to consume Vitamin D3 in a soft gel form in order to receive good results.

I will keep you posted. Have you tired Niacin yet or still holding off?

It will be interesting to see how my numbers turn out as I am very anxious to find out. But in eight more weeks I will know. I feel more conferrable on the long term with taking Niacin as not only does it work well raising your HDL and lowering LDL. It also lowers LPA's and TRIG and offers many heart health benefits compared to Red Yeast Rice. My Doctor advised Red Yeast Rice is good and I agree it worked well for me. However my Doctor prefers to go with Niacin as he told me specifically Red Yeast Rice will not give me the protection like Niacin will.
[QUOTE=Arizona77;3348060]Hi Lord Taff,

As for my Doctor he never had any issues with me taking Red yeast Rice as it worked so well for me previously. What he advised me was that Niacin does offer more Cardiovascular protection than Red Yeast Rice and this is fully quoting my Doctor. He advised Red Yeast Rice is great but he advised that Niacin has been proven over the years to offer more protection and reduce heart related problems and cardiac events. Red yeast Rice he said will not. He did not say Red yest Rice is not good. But he told me specifically he prefers his patients to be on Niacin and I trust my Doctor fully. :)[/QUOTE]

hi lord staff this is miket78 wondering if i can take niaspan with my vytorin 10/40? to help my hdl lipids .

Absolutely, I would not take Niaspan with Vytorin 10/40 without your dr giving you the go ahead. Niaspan is a prescription so hopefully your dr would just give you one or the other. Actually, Niaspan is much more beneficial for HDL, which seems to be your issue. You could try Slo-Niacin which is OTC and extended release. There again, I wouldn't go over 1000 mg combined with the Vytorin, without your dr approving.

I did see about a 10 point boost from the Vytorin 10/20 so you may surprise the Board:D. The only time my HDL was over 50 was while taking Vytorin 10/20 and 500 to 1000 mg/day of Slo-Niacin.

Good luck.

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