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Re: Niacin
Dec 18, 2007
I would ask your Doctor about prescription Niaspan... has way less flushing than immediate release niacin.

To give you your answer, niacin is most theriputic at 2000 mg a day. It is best taken at bedtime, for the best results.

A typical regimine is to start out at 500 mg a day for 4 weeks, and then increase the dose by 500 mg every 4 weeks.

The flushing can be pretty painful for some... but if you stick to it, the flushing will deminish over time.

The flushing is not dangerous... although some unsuspecting folks taking niacin for the first time swears it is... only because they were surprised and did not know about the flushing... :D

I take 3000 mg of niacin a day in the form of Niaspan... and do not have any issues with the flushing. I do get flushing sometimes, but it goes away in about 30 minutes.

Best of luck! :)
Re: Niacin
Dec 20, 2007
My Doctor advised as well that he prefers his patients to be on 2,000mg max daily. He said you can go up to 3,000mg or more on immediate release but there is a possibility that more side effects can occur when dosages are above the 2,000mg mark. My Doctor advised 2,000mg will give me pretty much the same results as 3,000mg the only difference he advised I might not have as much as a decrease with my LDL. But my Doctor advised 2,000mg is a great therapeutic dosage and if you can tolerate immediate release works best and will produce the least amount of side effects. I take 2,000mg immediate release all at once at bed time and have been on this dosage for about five months now. I am having my next lipid panel during the first week of February and will share my results with everyone.

Hope everything works about for you and hang in there with the Niacin it should help you.

All the best. :cool:
Re: Niacin
Jan 16, 2008
I am having my lipid panel done next week and will share my results with everyone. I have past my sixth month mark on 2,000mg immediate release Niacin.

I wanted to ask you my Doctor has me taking two 1,000mg capsules of immediate release Niacin all at once and at bed time. I thought that one should split their dosage once AM and once PM?

My Doctor advised to take all at once at bed time. Will this still make the immediate release Niacin effective even if I am taking 2,000mg all at once? :cool:

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