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[QUOTE=jacal5;3361926]I figured they were working. I was thinking something happened in 2007 to throw it off and was blaming eating too much fish and nut oils daily. I even joined a pool in 2007 and got more exercise than the prior year when the numbers were better, I don't get it? I was just thinking when the numbers were better I ate own bran or oatmeal almost morning, I cut back on doing that.

Do you think Niaspan is better than getting over the counter immediate release niacin at this point? Is 500 mgs of Niaspan the lowest dose?

Happy Holidays.[/QUOTE]

Since your LDL is all nice and fat, I'm not sure you need to be concerned about it. As for the difference between your last test and this one, I'd simply chalk it up to the VAP being much more accurate. Quite often regular lipid tests underestimate LDL levels.

Oat bran might make a small difference though. No harm in eating it again. And probably no harm taking policosanol and sterols... but I just wanted you to be aware of the data out there. All the positive data on policosanol came from studies in Cuba. When it was tested outside of that country, most of the results showed it no better than a placebo.

500mg Niaspan is the smallest dosage they sell, I believe. Since some of your markers were near the top of the upper ranges, or slightly above, trying Niaspan might be worthwhile. It's one of the few (if only) things that can lower LP(a). You can alternatively try IR niacin, but just be prepared for a bit of a flush. I've tried both... 100 mg IR niacin made my face red, ears itchy, etc. 500mg Niaspan and, at most, I have a slight tingly feeling for a brief period. And I think that only happened once or twice.

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