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Nobody can honestly claim cutting LDL in half and raising HDL 20% in a single month with niacin.


Maybe not in one month... but in 3 - 6 months, I achieved results that statins were never able to provide me in 7 years of taking them. I was never able to get below 210 on statins. Niacin, however, worked way better with not nearly as many side effects.

My understanding is immediate release niacin will not hurt your liver... it's " Slo-Niacin " that has been proven to cause liver damage. And as AZ77 says, doses above 1000 mg a day should be monitored. Most folks can safely take 2000 mg niacin a day without any adverse effects on the liver.

I take 3000 mg Niaspan, and my cholesterol now, is as follows:

Total Cholesterol... was 195 (41% decrease).
LDL Cholesterol..... was 112 (50% decrease).
Triglycerides......... was 153 (50% decrease).
HDL Cholesterol..... was 52 (13% increase).

Ratio................... was 7.13, now 3.75

I'll take niacin over statins any day of the week... statins are just plain nasty.

Best of luck. :)

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