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I am no expert by any means but this is what I do.

I take 3 to 4 Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements a day

I eat Oatmeal for breakfast with walnuts (wanuts are good for lowering cholesterol in small amounts and oatmeal is good for it) , with cinnamon and honey every morning with a banana on the side.

I AIM for those 5 peices of fruit every day, whatever is in season or in good supply, apples, oranges, peaches, pears, fresh pineapple, strawberries.. whatever I can get a hold to.

I aim for a bowl of beans every day, cooked in smoked turkey sausage (Using only 1/4 a pound in the whole pot of beans instead of the whole pound like I use to)

I aim for a big salad every day.

I buy everything lo-fat, mayo ect and use olive oil now.

For the crunchy snacks I use cheero's or shredded wheat.

I make a lot wiser choices now than I use to, aim for NO carbs as I find carbs make me SO much more hungrier the next day.

I allow myself fried chicken ONCE a month (IF I want it) and red meat once a week but most of the time, I don't eat red meat at all, preferring chicken or fish. (I hardly eat meat anymore at all)

NO soda's PERIOD as they make me so much more hungrier the next day too.

What I was trying to do is eat like we did when we were kids and I have really enjoyed it and had no problem sticking to the new eating plan... My only weakness is SWEETS! I give in so easy to that but I have found that if I can go 2 or 3 days and not eat them, I quit craving them but that is the hardest part of this new way.... The last time I had my cholesterol checked summer of 2006, it was 253 but that was with only 1 omega 3 a day. I don't want my cholesterol under 240. I think they are wanting us to have it un-naturally low and the one time it was below 200, I felt awful!

The pay off is I am loosing weight since I started eating like this!

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