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I've brought my numbers from 323 to 128 in 3 months with diet, exercise and red yeast rice. I overdid it(1800 mg) on the ryr and had terrible stomach ache and nausea after 3 months of use.

I gave the RYR up and my numbers where back up (3 months later) at 249
I started taking the ryr again but only 600mg per day hoping this will be enough. Well, I then had heartburn, which I never usually have.
I'm giving up on the RYR, it's not agreeing with me.

My question is: If I continue eating well and exercising, will the total cholesterol number go down some more?
Also, I have lost 30 lbs and will lose another 10 lbs, to a very healthy weight (healthy weight now, but the leaner the better I think).
Continuing on a really healthy lifestyle and no other risks factors (BP is excellent at 120/70 and pulse at 60) I jog and lift weights, I am 43 years old and female.
[B]Do I really need to lower my cholesterol if it remains at 249 or lower????[/B]
I'm not sure the medication or supplements side effects are really worth it.
What would you guys and gals do????

Thanks so much, I appreciate the help, I'm really undecisive about this!
I'd suggest getting a lipoprotein test, like Red60 mentioned. You may want to get your c-reactive protein, Lp(a), and homocysteine checked too. A person's total cholesterol is sort of a useless number (unless it's insanely high). I'd even say a regular cholesterol test is quite often useless.

If your LDL particle size leans to the small, or if your HDL is low... or triglycerides are high, you could consider niacin or maybe fish oil. The only other option is a statin, but since RYR didn't agree with you, I'm not sure a statin would either.
[QUOTE=boubou;3409216]That's a difficult one.
I guess I'll lay off all meds or supplements for a while, get a new test and see from there. [/QUOTE]

Even though it was just a regular cholesterol test, what was the breakdown of the numbers? LDL, HDL, VLDL and triglycerides?
Hi boubou....July last year my cholesterol was 256 ( hdl 45, ldl 178, tri's 153). I did the low fat/exercise diet for 4 months. I had my cholesterol re-checked in Nov and it was 187. It dropped 69 points ( hdl was 39, ldl 113, and tri's 174). Since November I added fish oil, garlic, flax seed, walnuts, and avacado's every day. I cut way down on carb's, and also continued my daily exercise. When I get my cholesterol re-checked in March, I hope that the tri's went down, and the hdl went up. We'll see..
I have a friend that I talked to last week, and she had her cholesterol checked and the numbers cholesterol 240, HDL 49, LDL 153, and tri's 188. She said her doctor said they were good, and didn't suggest any med's or diet, or exercise. Kind of confusing. But I'm still doing what I'm doing. I love my new diet. Maybe with you treating yourself that weekend, did raise it. I would get another cholesterol check, and stick to your diet, and see what it is. Boy this cholesterol thing is a bit confusing. It seems like it always needs tweeking !! I wish the best for you !! :)

The simple answer to your question is yes ; you probably should talk to your doctor and consider going on medications. I do not know where you got your table from but the risk assessment is backwards. The higher your LDL is the greater the risk not the other way around. Here is a table that you might find helpful.

total cholesterol
desirable less than 200 mg/dL (< 5.18 mmol/L)
borderline high 200 - 239 mg/dL (5.18 - 6.19 mmol/L)
high 240 mg/dL and above (> 6.19 mmol/L)

Ldl cholesterol
optimal less than 100mg/dl(<2.59mmol/L)
near optimal 100 - 129 mg/dL (2.59 - 3.34 mmol/L)
borderline high 130 - 159 mg/dL (3.34 - 4.12 mmol/L)
high 160 - 189 mg/dL (4.12 - 4.90 mmol/L)
very high 190 mg/dL and above (> 4.90 mmol/L)

As you can see from this table that anything above 240mg/dl (Total cholesterol)is considered high and at 249 you are in that category. If you have high HDL then that would be positive and the high Total Cholesterol would not be as significant. I would talk to your doctor about your cholesterol and see what he suggests . Hope this is of some help to you.

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